Dental Games

Dental Games

At Canyon Creek Dentistry we believe that hands-on interaction with important health messages can be a powerful tool for teaching kids healthy habits. Here are a few links to kid-friendly pages with games centered around dental health topics.

We have looked at these pages and let our own kids try out these games. We want you to feel comfortable telling your kids they can go to Canyon Creek Dentistry and link to any of the games they find there.
Canyon Creek Dentistry Some Summer Treats Can Affect Your Child’s Teeth This year has been like no other, and one result of the pandemic is that kids have been home for much longer than in a typical year, which means more time for snacking. And, now that summer is here, this means even more snacking. Summertime snacks such as ice cream and popsicles can give your child a break from the heat. But, some summer treats can affect your kid's teeth and put them at risk for dental problems. Kids eating ice cream in the summer

We think letting the kids play a couple of these games before their dental visit is a great way for them:

– to think of questions
– be interactive at their visit
– feel more comfortable going to the dentist!

Please let us know if you have or find a website you want to share with the rest of us or if there are any games on the links we provide you are uncomfortable sharing with your children.

Fun Games and Lessons Related to Oral Health